Posted by: gautithor | 7. March, 2009

Ford and EV’s

Interesting comment from John Viera, Director Sustainable Business Strategies at Ford Motor Company. Responding to a question at the MIT Energy Conference, on what kind of cars we’ll be driving in the future. He tactically explained the obvious truth that Ford can’t invest endlessly in researching all technologies, especially in the current environment, but the emphasis now was on (plug in?) electric vehicles, as opposed to e.g. hydrogen powered. Natural gas? “Niche”.
However, there are at least two markets here. Heavy duty, like aircrafts etc, would move to e.g. biofuels. Light weight should move to electrification. Which year? 2020? 2050? No one knows.
Personally, I’m happy to hear that. Hope other car manufacturers agree and we see more and more models come out.


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